How to identify him and how to deal with him: The ultimate technique.

You usually meet him immediately after you start to work on improving yourself. Yet he is not hiding, and you have never seen him with your naked eyes. Many humans keep fighting every day with him, investing their energy into that fight, living from day to day exhausted, frustrated, unhappy and aggrieved. Nonetheless, they are never thinking but for a second about offering the truce.

This is the initial and the easiest mind hack I am going to publish. Everybody can do it. The only tricky thing might be to admit it.


1. It's better to perform it when you are home and alone. You may need time and calm surroundings to think about all of this after you meet him. The revealed secret may cause many feelings in you, but usually, it's a relief what people feel after I show them this.​

2. Ready? Ok, let's go to find him. He is always around, but you don't see him often. But I will tell you how to find out how he looks. You have a bathroom in your home, right? Go there. Turn the lights on. There is usually a mirror in a bathroom. Then look into it, and you will see him. Or her. May I introduce you to your life opponent, who is always on fire to hate you and fight with you? Nice to meet you both.

3. How do you like him/her? Maybe this person is not so bad finally. Yes, a liar with the most stupid excuses, a pussy always looking to avoid dealing with an issue and attack later sneaky from behind, a spoilt and immature accuser... But there is something about this fellow: Look, you have the very same interests! You share the same tastes and preferences! Ask about the secret dreams. I bet they are also the same. Facing this situation, have you considered stopping the fighting and try to cooperate for a while? Imagine the double energy invested into the effort of reaching your goals!


Finding your inner peace and coalition with your former enemy may look complicated, but remember: The hardest part is always admitting the reality and beginning to work with it. The first step seems to be unbearable, but when you realize it's you who can help you find ways from your troubles and seek paths leading to fulfilling your wishes, you gain all the strength you have been investing into your inner fightings before.

Don't blame yourself for your losses or failures. But also don't regret it. You are an adult. "Oh poor me" leads to the same futile nothing as "they always work against me!". The society around you works against you somehow, but very differently than people tend to think. Society is composed of humans who all are hiding their common attribute: They are unsure. The only thing you know for sure is that everything is doubtful. You even cannot be sure you will die one day because it's unsure you are alive (don't worry, YOU ARE). No one can answer questions like this for sure: Is this project going to be successful? Is everything going to be ok? Am I popular? Does he/she love me? Did I hurt him/her? Is it going to be painful? Am I healthy? Am I going to be rich? Am I looking like an idiot?

...and you know what? It doesn't matter at all. You know about all your preferences. You are the best expert in the story of your life. Then start to work on it. Don't ask anyone for an opinion about your goals or situation because they are even more unsure about your life than you are. Now you are teamed with the most skilled person, who can be entirely focused to move your life in a way you want - yourself. Never ask anyone to be more sure - you may be misled. Ask only for the information you need. Ask for help in this or that. Ask for a review, not for ""opinion"". It must always be you who is the director of your free will. Do you know why it must be you? People don't give a shit about your interests. They follow their interests. You can co-work with anyone successfully, but you cannot expect people to do what they are supposed to do for default. It doesn't mean you shouldn't trust anyone. It means someone's acts can not be your only or the last option.

People will try to use you to be less unsure. They may even accuse you of being a selfish person if you don't join them in blaming the proper target of the latest fashion - a universal bringer of the misfortune: Illuminati, government, aliens, Jews, homosexuals, people using plastics, nation involved in a war with your nation decades or hundreds of years ago, infidels, terrorists, slavers, white, black, yellow, males, females, children, old, educated, uneducated, poor, rich, leftists, rightists, extremists, liberals, conservatives, your boss, your mama, your teacher, your bully, your anything. People around you will often be ready to give you a piece of stupid advice without any responsibility or consequences after you use it. If you are looking for pretending of being a better person by arguing with people about their wrong opinions, pick up a hashtag to join. Otherwise, build trust in yourself and remember your new ally.


Now, we will use a technique that will be presented with the full range of features as a mind hack later. For now, we focus on the most crucial attribute of any reality hacker: gaining trust in yourself. All of your I AM GOING TO DO'S must be solid as a mountain base, and the structure of your will must be made of steel. Train yourself every day, picking tiny and accessible parts of your tasks or to-do's and perform them by any chance.
Before you pick them up, check every time they are in harmony with your long term goals and things you want to do. It would help if you also had complete control of their performance. Does it involve any action of another person that must be done before by the person? Don't pick it up. You must do it as you planned every time. Train your trust that you always do anything you choose to do, but don't put yourself under stress or pressure. Start with aiming at easy tasks; however, it may seem funny to you. Every palace is built with the first brick, including the castle of your mind. Don't encourage yourself with too many complex tasks in your beginnings, like "I will quit smoking from tomorrow" - you are training your mind now, not quitting smoking. After you prepare your mind, you will stop smoking much more quickly.

This is the technique of small steps in methodical improvement, called KAIZEN in Japanese. We will dig into it a bit more in some future articles here; now, we are using it to build a solid and robust mind base of yours. Anyway, feel free to search the internet if you cannot wait.