Born in 1975, living in Prague, Czech Republic


2017 to the present

Managing Director in DAISYFOX S.R.O., Prague

The company was founded initially to prepare and service the woman taxi cab project Taxita. After the termination of the project in 2018, the company was maintained to keep the background/back-up support for my professional activities and operations with the subjects below, still providing small-scale services for its clients:

Information architecture and lobbying - the user case of Prague Freelance Taxi Drivers Professional Association versus multinational companies and establishment, widely perceived by the public and discussed in media.

Other provided services: website building, cellphone security diagnostics for individuals, personal security and IT forensics consultations for high-risk clients, cryptocurrency consultations and 3rd party client training provider for public organizations (with the significant partner of Obcanská poradna Jihlava, z.s.).

FOREIGN MILITARY POWER intelligence analyst

Identification and localization of hazardous individuals, organizing global fraudulent operations financing terrorism or representing other imminent threats, preeminent cryptocurrency markets misuses with support of official governmental representatives.


Public Relations Manager in AGENTURA HELAS, Prague

The agency provides services for Czech business and export associations.


Editor-in-chief of IT Literature Department in GRADA PUBLISHING, a.s., Prague

The 3rd biggest Czech publishing house is known as a respected issuer of professional and technical literature.


Editor-in-chief of Science magazine in MLADÁ FRONTA, a.s., Prague

The popular-scientific magazine had the proud 60 years old tradition, that time.


Tabloid journalist in STRATOSFÉRA, a.s. publishing house, Prague

Stratosféra used to publish a wide spectrum of woman and luxury magazines, including foreign licensed titles.


Master of arts in cultural anthropology, CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE

Finished in 2003 with the thesis Prognosis Of Culture And Social Progression On The Internet.


Marketing and Public relations for high-risk clients, Forensic Psychology and Interrogation Techniques, IT Forensics, Graphic Design, Manipulation Techniques in Media.


Music and DJing, art, paleontology, security and personal freedom issues, living history and design.